The Office for RACE offers RACE Forward microgrants to undergraduate and graduate students needing financial support for upcoming programs or initiatives. Students can apply for up to $250 of funding through our office. To receive funds, these programs or initiatives must demonstrate a commitment to advancing racial justice in the Emory community. Projects can range in scope and include research, creative arts, workshops, trainings, storytelling narratives, working with archives, etc.

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Micro grants from RACE have supported a number of programs and initiatives across campus. Examples include the following:

Scholars Committed to Opportunities in Psychological Education (SCOPE) - this initiative provided culturally competent mentoring and training to undergraduate students of color interested in pursuing graduate education in psychology.

Model Minority - a student-published magazine focused on curating a platform for Asian American stories. The magazine highlighted creative work by/about/for Asian Americans. Ultimately, the work of the project was to deconstruct harmful cultural narratives and reclaim the term “model minority.”

DiasporARTE - a program that celebrated the rich cultural heritage and experiences of Latin American/Hispanic/Latinx cultures while recognizing the African ancestry, Indigenous roots, and Caribbean cultures that are included within the diaspora.

Recognizing, Empowering, and Affirming Latinas (REAL) Conference - a conference that focuses on the celebrating the efforts, achievements, and contributions of Latinas/Latinx women in the Emory community.