The Emory Black Student Union (EBSU) is an affinity space managed by the Office for Racial and Cultural Engagement, dedicated to Emory’s Black-identified community members. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni frequently use the space for educational and social programming, community building, studying, and meetings. The EBSU represents Campus Life’s steadfast commitment of ensuring an inclusive, equitable, and just environment that allows all members of our community to thrive at Emory. Visit the Office for Racial and Cultural Engagement’s Events tab to view upcoming EBSU programs.


The Emory Black Student Union

  • Email: ebsu@emory.edu
  • Address :
    Alumni Memorial University Center, Room 106
    630 Means Drive
    Atlanta, GA 30322

Emory Black Student Union


Emory's Black Student Union (EBSU) will enhance, celebrate and support Emory’s black communities through dedicated space and programs.  Additionally, the EBSU is open to all students at Emory and will serve the Emory community as a resource for African and African Diaspora culture and history.

Through its space and programming, EBSU seeks to:

  • Provide a sense of belonging for black students
  • Affirm a range of black identities
  • Facilitate knowledge-sharing
  • Build connections among students, faculty and administrators across campus and create conduits that connect students to available University services
  • Cultivate student growth and support individual development
  • Strengthen and support student organizations
  • Foster student commitment to equity and justice
  • Support solidarity among black students and with organizations committed to social justice
  • Enhance community and cultural appreciation through entertainment
  • Fortify the social and educational interaction amongst the black community and other communities at Emory University, including, students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

Contact Us

The Emory Black Student Union
Email: ebsu@emory.edu
Address: Alumni Memorial University Center, Room 106 630 Means Drive, Atlanta, GA 30322

EBSU Advisors

EBSU Student Staff

In December of 2012, growing student concerns sparked the formation of an ad-hoc committee designed to explore issues of race, gender, privilege, sexual violence, and oppression on campus. This committee, composed of student leaders, faculty, and administrators from the Division of Campus Life, created an online form to gather student feedback, which resulted in two Emory-wide open discussion forums.

The creation of the Emory Black Student Union (EBSU) was a direct result and recommendation of the open dialogue and cooperation between the student community and Campus Life administrators, and the ad-hoc committee. The space is one of several recommendations that were included in the 2013 Compact for Building Inclusive Community at Emory. The EBSU was the solution proposed in response to a lack of community and programming space for the black community. Campus Life and students acknowledged a series of challenging situations in the community and identified dedicated space as a key priority for best supporting black students at Emory.

The EBSU aims to improve race relations on campus and in the community by creating an environment that is receptive to African-American culture and ideas. This environment is key to ensuring a successful academic and social college experiences for Black students, and successful communication with Black student organizations on campus. In addition to being a hub for Black cultural organizations, the EBSU serves as a space for all students across all organizations at the University and a place where there can be an exploration of genuine cultural exchange!

All EBSU reservations are governed by Meeting Services policies and must align with the EBSU mission. Please see Emory Student Center reservation policies.

The EBSU cannot approve reservations for non-Emory entities. If you are a non-Emory entity, consider collaborating with an Emory student group for your program/event. Contact Meeting Services for additional assistance at 404-727-1706.

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