Office for Racial and Cultural Engagement

At Emory University

Identity Spaces

Emory currently has six identity spaces on campus that serve all students, three of which fall under the Office for RACE. We encourage you to explore all of our spaces and the identities you hold.

Race dominates our personal lives. It manifests itself in our speech, dance, neighbors, and friends. Our very ways of talking, walking, eating and dreaming are shaped by notions of race. Race determines our economic prospects. The race-conscious market screens and selects us for manual jobs and professional careers, red-lines financing for real estate, green-lines our access to insurance, and even raises the price of that car we need to buy. Race permeates our politics. It alters electoral boundaries, shapes the disbursement of local, state, and federal funds, fuels the creation and collapse of political alliances, and twists the conduct of law enforcement. In short, race mediates every aspect of our lives.
– Ian F. Haney Lopez
The Social Construction of Race: Some Observations on Illusion, Fabrication, and Choice, 29 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 1-62, (Winter, 1994)